Apportionment Commission

The County Apportionment Commission is a statutory commission governed under Michigan Public Act 261 of 1966 (apportionment of County Boards of Commissioners). PA 261 charges the Antrim County Apportionment Commission with establishing the number of seats and boundaries of commissioners district within Antrim County. This must be completed within 60 days after the publication of the latest US census data.

By law, the Commission consists of the County Clerk (Sheryl Guy), the County Treasurer (Sherry Comben), the County Prosecuting Attorney (James Rossiter), and the statutory county chairperson of each of the two (2) political parties receiving the greatest number of votes cast for the office of Secretary of State in the last preceding election (Darrin Rubingh, Antrim County Republican Party and Veronica Welters, Antrim County Democratic Party).

1980 - 16,194 Population Count - 11 Commissioners
1990 - 18,185 Population Count -- 9 Commissioners
2000 - 23,110 Population Count -- 9 Commissioners
2010 - 23,580 Population Count -- 9 Commissioners
2020 - 23,431 Population Count --5 Commissioners

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