Show Cause Hearing and Hardship Deferrals

Scheduled for 2:30 pm, January 9th, 2024, at Antrim County Building, 2nd floor, Board of Commissioners Room, 203 E Cayuga St, Bellaire MI 49615
. You may appear in person, through an agent, in writing or by calling (231) 533-6720. Appearance at the Show Cause Hearing is not required to protect your rights at the Judicial Foreclosure Hearing.

Any person with an interest in the property forfeited to the County Treasurer may appear at the show cause hearing and show cause why absolute title to that property should not vest in the Foreclosing Governmental Unit. 

At the SHOW CAUSE HEARING: A person claiming an interest in a parcel of property set forth in the petition of foreclosure may contest the validity or correctness of the forfeited unpaid delinquent taxes, interest, penalties, and fees for 1 or more of the following reasons:

  • No law authorizes the tax 
  • The person appointed to decide whether a tax shall be levied under a law of the state acted without jurisdiction, or did not impose the tax in question 
  • The property was exempt from the tax in question, or the tax was not legally levied 
  • The tax has been paid within the time limited by law for payment or redemption 
  • The tax was assessed fraudulently 
  • The description of the property used in the assessment was so indefinite or erroneous that the forfeiture was void

A person claiming an interest in a parcel of property set forth in the petition for foreclosure who desires to contest that petition shall file written objections with the clerk of the circuit court and serve those objections on the Antrim County Treasurer.

If the court determines that the owner of property subject to foreclosure is a minor heir, is incompetent, is without means of support, or is undergoing a substantial financial hardship, the court may withhold that property from foreclosure for 1 year or may enter an order extending the redemption period as the court determines to be equitable. If the court withholds property from foreclosure under this subsection, a taxing unit’s lien for taxes due is not prejudiced and that property shall be included in the immediately succeeding year’s tax foreclosure proceeding.

The County Treasurer’s objective is to assist delinquent taxpayers to fulfill their Real Property tax obligation to avoid any foreclosure on any principal residence property the property owner wants to maintain.

There is a hardship application below or you can pick one up at the County Treasurer’s office.  

Financial hardship will be considered from the show cause (administrative) hearing date until 1 week prior to the circuit court hearing date. The dates may be obtained by contacting the Antrim County Treasurer’s office. The Treasurer may request an appointment be made for the orderly conduct of business. Non-appointments will be scheduled as time permits.


You may also contact Michigan Department of Health and Human Services at 231-533-8664 for possible financial assistance.